Sunday, November 17, 2013

Support for non-US versions of Money Complete

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The release snapshot has been updated (14-Nov-2013), and is available for download.  This release includes bug fixes related to support for non-US versions of Money, plus a new sites.dat option named QuoteAccount.  

If you want to enable quotes for a non-US version, add the following option to your sites.dat file (as described in sites.template):
ForceQuotes: Yes
Enabling this option requires that you accept one additional download statement each time Getdata is run, regardless of your CombineOFX setting. The option should only be enabled for non-US versions of Money, and only if you're having problems downloading quotes.  Additionally, Money must be open before executing Getdata with ForceQuotes enabled. Be sure to follow the additional "accept statement into Money" prompt before pressing Enter to continue.

Support for stocks/funds that aren't explicitly supported by Yahoo's quote service has also been updated.  This feature is especially critical for non-US versions of Money, but as before, relies on "screen scraping", and is certain to require maintenance over time as Yahoo changes their html formatting. You must enable the following option in sites.dat to use this feature:
EnableYahooScrape: Yes
Enabling the "scrape" option does not affect quotes that are correctly provided by the standard Yahoo quote service, since the routine only gets called if the primary quote request fails to return a valid response.

A new sites.dat option, QuoteAccount, is intended for folks that need to grab quotes in multiple base currencies.  This appears to be a minor need, so I didn't fully integrate support into the core code itself.  Instead, I added the QuoteAccount option to sites.dat, which allows the user to specify a different account number to associate with the quote statement.  When Money imports a statement, it matches this number to a Money account.  Once the two are "married", Money will always associate that account pair.  If a user wants "multiple currency" support for quotes, they can now install multiple copies of the scripts into unique folders, and configure each separately.  Each copy can have it's own QuoteCurrency and QuoteAccount settings, and will require a unique, matching "dummy" account in Money (with matching currency setting).

- Robert


  1. Regarding the Bank of America issue brought up in the previous thread (now closed for comments), I was getting error 2000 like everyone else back in October. I then used the fid=5959 solution, which worked at the time. My last download attempt was Nov 7, and I had no problems. Today (Nov 24), I tried a download and the same error is back. I still have fid=5959, and appid/appver of Money/1700. I tried appver of 1600, no fix. Help! Has BofA now completely discontinued the ability to download with AppId of Money? The QFX downloaded from them still has FID of 5959.

    1. Try appVer=2100, but leave AppID=QWIN. I don't use BOA, but this is what I would try.

    2. With BofA you sign up and pay for either Money or Quicken access, and they enforce your choice. Since I have Money access, using QWIN just returns the error "Application which you are using is not enabled." So I called them to cancel Money access and add Quicken access, now I can use QWIN and it works. The Quicken access monthly fee is much higher than the Money access fee, but oh well, no choice if there's no workaround and they did stop accepting the Money AppID.

    3. The best option is to not use BOA :-)

  2. Sorry, this question does not relate to this particular post, but I don't know where else to put it! Does your script pull in 52 week high/low and day's change numbers? I've been using hleofxquotes to update prices and that's working fine, but it would be useful to have those other columns as well. Thanks!

    1. No. The scripts pull in the "last quote".

  3. Robert, Thank you for all this impressive work.
    I am importing CAD quotes fom the Canadian yahoo site.
    when I test the account everything works to perfection and I am quite happy with this (I do not have lot of mutual funds to follow and I could easily input in Money manually).
    That said, when I run I receive the first statement, I accept it into the dummy account and I notice that there are minimal quantity of shares added to it for each one of the quote I downloaded, to the amount of a few cents.
    To my understanding this is exactly what should be happening according to your instructions.
    Back to the pocketsense prompt: I press enter and accept the second statement in Money (but I am not aked to verify any amount of shares or to associate this new transaction to any account), I just click 'OK'.
    At this point the 'cash value' of the shares just added to the dummy account goes to zero, but it does not stay that way. If I open the dummy account I can see the added shares the transactions did not get cleared.
    I must be doing something wrong, but I do not know what.
    As said it is not a big deal for me, but t certainly would be nice to get it working the way you intended it to, and I noticed you asked for feedback.
    BTW if I accept the second statement from Getdata before ccepting the first into MM, nothing happens, nothing gets imported, nothing gets deleted.

    1. Do the dummy accounts show a balance after importing? It should have a zero balance, but the "share add" transaction will show in the history.

  4. Hello Robert,
    Sorry for the wait I wanted to wat a couple of days before dowloading the info again, then work got in the way.
    After importing the dummy account does show a 'total account value' of few cents. in the transaction details I can see the 'add share' activity with quantity, price and total, but this seems to be normal according to your email. Today I neede to delete these transaction in order to be able to import the new statement downloaded with, The good thing is that after I did dlete all the transactions on tthe dummy account, the price reained recorded in all the other (real) accounts.
    I will try again tomorrow and will let you know.
    Thank you

  5. I sure miss in portfolio view that the "change" column (daily change in price or %) is not working.
    Is there any other way? just wondering.

    1. Not really. The script does create a quote summary in html, and you can create a link to that from within Money (as a bookmark). The option's are:

      ShowQuoteHTM: No # Always show quotes.htm from Getdata
      AskQuoteHTM: Yes # Ask to show quotes.htm from Getdata (overrides ShowQuoteHTM)

      The file to link to is .\xfr\quotes.htm.

      Personally, I don't really use this feature much. I use the Portfolio feature @, where you put the symbols you want, and you can see related info (daily change, charts, etc). I have to admit, however, that I don't really care about short term updates (what happened today), so I rarely use that either.


    The Bank of America OFX Direct Connect platform has changed. The new URL to access it is This URL is used for both profile and authenticated requests.
    ORG and FID should be HAN and 5959 respectively.
    URLs targeting domain, will cease to work possibly as soon as 12/7/13.
    Aaron D Lewis
    EFTX Direct Connect App Manager
    Bank of America
    Seattle, WA

    1. Thanks Ed! The BOA link has stopped working twice in the past 3 months, which required a config change both times. This would have been the 3rd time and would have driven me nuts if I hadn't seen your post first.

  7. I have confirmed that Ed's change works! Thanks, Ed.

  8. Hello Robert,
    First off - huge thanks for providing these work arounds. I've wasted a lot of time trying to work with other financial programs, only to be aggravated and going back to trusty MS Money.

    Question for you - I followed the setup process and while running the, the data files create properly but they never import into MS Money. If I open the xfr folder and select one of the ofx files, it imports just fine. The test feature in the setup script works without issue so I'm stumped as to where the breakdown is occurring - any thoughts?

  9. Because you've installed other programs, OFX isn't associated with Money. Right-click on the OFX file and select “Open with” > “Choose Program” > Select “Microsoft Money Import Handler” > Click on “Always use this program to open this type of file” > Click “OK” and Windows will create the Registry entry for you after your next Reboot.


  10. Hi All

    UK funds on Yahoo Finance appear to have ceased being updated since 6/12/13. Is this a known issue and is it limited to the UK?

    1. Not sure. Can you give an example ticker?

    2. Hi Again Robert

      A few examples

      GB0031384034.L ALLIANZ RMC US EQUITY

    3. Hmm... you're right. I don't know why (?). The charts show the current data, but the static quotes are frozen. I'll bet they have a bug, and will get it eventually. May be worth dropping them a note to hurry things up.

    4. I went back to this, out of curiosity, and noticed that every other London Stock Exchange symbol that I tried seemed to work fine. For example: ABDP.L. I'm wondering if the symbols above have been changed? I couldn't find any of them at London Stock Exchange: Search either. Granted, I never use the LSE, so my search skills are poor.

  11. Hi Robert:
    I really appreciate the work you have done to get quote downloads working for non US versions of Money. This has been working perfectly for me until this week. Now quotes for some mutual funds, which are available directly from the website, are not being downloaded by PocketSense.
    For example, the Symbol: RUSSELLREVFI.TO, gets the quote for the fund: Russell Fixed Income Pool Sr B when entered into the search box on the website, but generates the following error message when PocketSense tries to download the quote:
    invalid response from Yahoo! Finance. Skipping...
    Unfortunately, if there is one error (or more), the whole download fails, and no quotes are imported into Money.
    I have installed the November 14, 2103 version of PocketSense and enabled ForceQuotes and EnableYahooScrape.
    Would it be possible for you to have a look into this at some point?
    Thanks again for the great service you have provided to users of Money,

    1. I found a bug in the code related to ForceQuotes and the turn of the calendar year. Live code updated. I don't think that it will help for the ticker you list, however, as Yahoo shows a "last quote date" of 06-Dec. They haven't updated a number of non-US symbols lately... but I'm not sure why.

    2. Thanks Robert. After I installed the latest (Jan 09) update quotes for all the mutual funds are once again downloading without errors (although many of the quotes are about a month out of date, as you noted).
      Do you by any chance know of any way to contact Yahoo to inquire why some quotes have not been updated?

    3. I have never contacted them, but the first thing I found was this: Yahoo Finance: Send Feedback.

  12. I'm not sure what's up with Yahoo and foreign exchange funds, but I'm considering adding Google Finance quotes via screen-scraping too. That would provide more options, and the two never use the same symbol... so I can have the script check Google if it doesn't find a result on Yahoo. For example, Yahoo uses F0CAN05LUD.TO, where Google appears to use MUTF_CA:RBF460. The user would use the latter, if they wanted the Google quote.

    I personally don't use the foreign exchanges, so I'm wondering if it would be helpful for folks to have this additional feature? I'm not really sure how well it will work, but I don't think it would be too difficult to implement.

    Let me know.